The newest member of our firm is Marisa Andrews. Ms. Andrews joined us after working for the State of Florida as an Assistant State Attorney. Ms. Andrews says she will always value her time with the State and the lessons that she learned but criminal law is just not where her heart lies. She wanted to move into the civil law side of things and has been a great asset to our firm.

As an extremely detail oriented person, Ms. Andrews excels in keeping our firm on track for success. Though her specialties lie in contract law and intellectual property law, Ms. Andrews is most concerned with making sure that every client receives the best legal care possible. As a small-town law firm, we take on many different cases and Ms. Andrews is no exception. In her time with us she has assisted with medical malpractice, personal injury, estate planning, environmental, real estate, probate, and even some mass toxic torts. She loves the ability to talk to our clients and really get to know their issues and needs. She is also a large part of the Estate Planning and Probate area of our firm. If you are in need of estate planning, contract review or creation, trademark or copyright assistance, or if you aren’t really sure what exactly it is you need, reach out to Ms. Andrews. She will make sure you get the help you need. 

In 2022, Ms. Andrews kicked off her business incubator initiative. As part of this initiative, Ms. Andrews sits down with prospective new businesses, or established business making changes, and takes them from start to finish on their business formation or expansion needs. Ms. Andrews is able to utilize both her legal knowledge and her years of marketing experience to truly set businesses up for success. This is a completely customized process with the experience varying by the business needs. Sometimes this is simply just filing the paperwork with the state to create the business. In other times, it is walking them through the various marketing channels and advising them on what may work best. If you are just starting out, or looking for a change, the Business Incubator Initiative at Lindsay and Andrews is a great place to start! 

University Attended:
  • University of West Florida, 2007, BSBM
Law School Attended:
  • Tulane University - School of Law, Class of 2018, J.D.
Year of First Admission:
  • 2019
Admission Details:
  • 2019, Florida
  • Probate
  • Business Formation
  • Trademark
  • Copyright
  • Contracts