A common question that comes up when deciding on an attorney is "How much will this cost me?"

At Lindsay and Andrews, we try to be as upfront about our costs as possible. We handle a variety of types of cases, and our fee structures match that variety. 

Traditional Fee Structure

We do have a good amount of cases that follow a "typical" payment structure. For those cases, our clients pay an advance on their fees and costs, which is deposited into a trust account in their name. The amount of that advance varies but can run anywhere between $1,000.00 and $5,000.00. The case fees and costs are then billed against that amount until it is extinguished. Detailed monthly invoices are sent to the clients so that they are always aware of what has been billed and their remaining balance. Once the balance is gone, there can be a replenishment of the advance amount, or the client can be billed on a monthly basis for the work completed. 

Contingency Fee

Another type of fee structure is the "contingent fee". This is utilized in our personal injury, medical malpractice, and wrongful death cases. These are also the types of cases that get free consultations. In a contingency fee case, nothing is paid until the case is settled or complete, and if we don't win the case we don't get paid. This is the least risky type of structure for our clients as the attorney fronts all the costs of pursuing the case and only gets paid of portion of whatever the overall payment amount is at the end of the case. These amounts are discussed in detail with our clients at their first consultation, which makes sure everyone is on the same page.

Fixed Fee

We even offer some matters on a fixed fee basis. That means that there is one set price for the matter, no matter the time involved. We offer fixed fees in the following cases:

  • Will - $350.00
  • Power of Attorney - $300.00
  • Living Will - $200.00
  • Quit Claim Deed (with our office handling recording) - $250.00
  • Quit Claim Deed (where the client handles recording) - $225.00
  • Life Estate or Warranty Deed (with our office handling recording) - $275.00
  • Life Estate or Warranty Deed (where the client handles recording) - $250.00
  • Enhanced Life Estate (Ladybird) Deed (with our office handling recording) - $300.00
  • Enhanced Life Estate (Ladybird) Deed (where the client handles recording) - $275.00

Hybrid Fee Structure

Finally, we offer some cases with a hybrid model, which means there is a starting fixed fee plus costs and then additional hourly fees should the matter require. Cases that commonly follow the hybrid structure are probate cases and some business formation or intellectual property cases. For our probate cases, the standard fees are:

  • Summary Administration - Minimum of $2,500.00 plus costs
  • Formal Administration - Minimum of $3,500.00 plus costs
  • Ancillary Administration - Minimum of $3,500.00 plus costs

These amounts are just a quick overview of our processes. Case specific amounts will always be discussed with our clients at their first consultation and any questions or concerns will be fully addressed at that time.

Consultation Fees

As discussed above, we offer free consultations for our contingency fees cases. Our other cases, however, do require a $250.00 consultation fee.